Remember Them? 14 Most Random Mets Sluggers Of The Past 20 YearsHere are 14 sluggers that Mets fans loved at one point or another. Some were good, some were bad and some were just ... ehhhh. But they were all RIDICULOUS on one level or another.
Brogna On Baseball: The 0-2 And 3-0 Count Myths“They” say not to give the hitter a good pitch to hit or even a pitch close to the strike zone with a 0-2 count on the batter. Hmmmmm?
Brogna On Baseball: Mets Should Say Goodbye To Jose ReyesMy opinion and belief as a scout and front office executive guy is to say “thank you” to Jose, but we are moving in a different direction.
Brogna On Baseball: MLB Needs To Take Cues From NFLFrom a competitive angle looking from on the field view, baseball should take a committed look at the NFL or football in general and how they operate.
Brogna On Baseball: Baseball Is Perfectly TimelessRico Brogna discuses the timeless nature of baseball and how modern television has done little change the way the sport is perceived by baseball purists.
Brogna On Baseball: Who's Better? The 1998 Yanks Or 2011 Phillies?How does this year's Phillies team stack up against the 1998 Yankees? Hint: It all comes down to pitching.
Brogna On Baseball: Either You Are A Hall Of Famer Or You Are Not!As a former MLB player, pro scout, field manager and front office personnel executive, perhaps the most frustrating and annoying thing I hear is arguments by people regarding entry into the pro baseball HOF.
By The Numbers: Chatting With Ex-Mets 1B Rico BrognaA few months ago, former Mets ballplayer, Rico Brogna, graciously agreed to address students taking my course on sabermetrics.

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