Steve Silverman

Silverman: Harvey Is Doing His Best To Ruin Mets' Dream SeasonIt seems like Matt Harvey is out to make sure nobody compares the 2015 Mets with the 1969 edition of the team.
Silverman: Cooper, Beasley And Mariota Leading This Year's NFL Rookie ClassOne area that will continue to develop is the play of this year’s rookies. It takes a lot longer than four weeks for a rookie to write his story.
Silverman: Enigmatic Ellsbury Must Come Through If Yankees Are To Go On Playoff RunAs the Yankees limp towards the postseason, there are many reasons why they are going to be a wild-card team and not a division champion.
Silverman: Eli, Coughlin Need To Stop Making Foolish MistakesThe defense has to grow a fourth-quarter backbone, the quarterback has to stop making mistakes and the coach needs to show that he can remain calm despite late-game pressure.
Silverman: Lovable And Brilliant Off The Field, Yogi Berra Was A Genius On ItThere’s little doubt that the one and only Yogi Berra, who passed away Tuesday at the age of 90, was perhaps the greatest catcher in the history of baseball.
Silverman: Rebuilding Jets Are So Much Better Off Without Blustering Rex RyanIt's only mid-September and though the Patriots-Bills game is a big game, it's not that big of a game. Rex Ryan doesn't seem to get that.
Silverman: Opener A Bad Barometer; We'll Learn More About Giants, Jets This WeekA win over the Cleveland Browns does not make a season, nor does a loss to the Dallas Cowboys break one.
Silverman: Mayweather Is Fooling Nobody With His Retirement TalkNo one believes Floyd Mayweather when it comes to his retirement. Not even his father.
Silverman: NFL Predictions — Packers Will Beat Chiefs In Super Bowl 50There’s a lot more to covering football than making predictions, but at the start of the season it’s an absolute staple that has remained in place for decades.
Silverman: Goodell Simply Violated His Own Rules, And That’s Why Brady Is SmilingBerman has cut the legs off the commissioner, who once again showed he really has no clue when it comes to fact-finding and decision-making at the highest level.
Silverman: RGIII's Problems Are His Own Making, But He'll Get Another ChanceBy the time a quarterback is entering his fourth year in the NFL, he needs to be an expert at his craft. Robert Griffin III isn't, but that doesn't mean he won't be forever.
Silverman: Arbour's Consistency And Brilliance Led Islanders To The TopAl Arbour died Friday at the age of 82, after a long battle with Parkinson's disease and dementia.