Silverman: Bettman Getting Ready To Ruin Winter Olympics By Not Allowing NHL Players To ParticipateAfter months of hemming and hawing, Bettman said Tuesday that it’s time to presume that NHL players won’t be participating in Pyeongchang, South Korea, in 2018.
Silverman: New NFL Teams Should Mean New Expectations For SomeWhen looking at NFL free agency, we have a tendency to take the team’s perspective. But it can work out pretty well for the player, too.
Silverman: Jets Need To Stay Away From Cutler Under All CircumstancesDuring his run with the Bears, Cutler seemed to care more about fulfilling the listed requirements of his job instead of doing whatever it takes to win in the NFL.
Silverman: Count Buccaneers, Browns, Colts Among Free Agency WinnersThe 2017 season has begun in earnest, and the free agency signing season means that teams are able to take major steps toward improving themselves.
Silverman: Mahomes, Kaaya, Webb Provide Alternatives To First-Round QBsWhile teams can “officially” sign new players on Thursday with the start of free agency, the NFL Draft will soon command the offseason.
Silverman: Look For These 5 Teams To Be Aggressive In Free AgencyFree agency can be a very effective tool for building a team, and smart clubs can use it as more than a Band-Aid approach to improvement.
Silverman: NFL Lacks MLB's Classiness In Saying Goodbye To Star PlayersThree news items from Tuesday reveal just how differently the two top sports in our society go about their business.
Silverman: Free Agent Script Is Changing In The NFLTeams can start signing free agents to upgrade their rosters then, and while the consensus is that those general managers who attempt to build their teams through free agency will fail, it is time to readjust that thinking.
Silverman: QBs Should Not Go Before Top D-Linemen In This Year's DraftThe Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers went through the most brutal of football seasons in 2016, with the once-proud Chicago Bears just slightly better.
Silverman: Kudos To Manfred For At Least Considering MLB Extra Innings RuleThe purists are up in arms at the thought of someone changing the rules of Major League Baseball. Why should that sport be any different than the other major sports?
Silverman: Premature Mayweather-McGregor Talk All Hype, No HopeThere is too much money involved to say that it will not happen, but if it does come off, this will not be boxing’s best moment.
Silverman: Expect Cowboys, Giants And Packers To Challenge For NFC SuperiorityThe Atlanta Falcons are not going to get over their Super Bowl LI defeat any time soon. Sure, they are young and talented, but this one is going to stew in their consciousness for a long time.

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