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Tony Tantillo

(credit: CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Sausage With Pasta

As winter weather settles in, a hearty meal is called for. Stephanie and Tony Tantillo have a suggestion for you.


Acqua Pazza (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Acqua Pazza

Would you like to try a new fish recipe for Christmas Eve? Tony and Stephanie make “Crazy Water.”


Acqua Pazza (credit: CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Acqua Pazza

If you’re tired of turkey, ham and other holiday staples, why not try a fish dish? Stephanie and Tony Tantillo prepare a healthy dish called Acqua Pazza, which is Italian for “crazy water.”


(credit: CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Rigatoni And Cabbage

Most people think pasta and tomato sauce… basic. Stephanie and Tony Tantillo, though, have a pasta dish that’s anything but basic.


Tony at Norman's Cay

Dining Deal: Norman’s Cay

As the weather turns cold, it’s nice to think of the sunny climate of the Caribbean and Bahamas — and the delicious cuisine they have to offer.


Tortellini With Sausage (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Tortellini With Sausage

If you’re looking for a new pasta dish to make, try this sausage & tortellini recipe from Tony and Stephanie.


Escarole With White Beans (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Escarole With White Beans

Try this hearty soup from Stephanie and Tony Tantillo — perfect for a cold, snowy day.


Chicken & Broccolini (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Chicken & Broccolini

Try serving this tasty and tangy Mediterranean chicken dish tonight. It’s sure to delight your guests.



Dining Deal: Mumbles

Tony Tantillo visited a classic New York City favorite in the Union Square area for this week’s Dining Deal.


Mushroom soup (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Mushroom Soup

As we head into winter, you may be looking for something to help warm you up. Stephanie and Tony Tantillo have the following suggestion.


Fresh linguine cooked in foil (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Fresh Linguine Cooked In Foil

There may be a lot of steps to this recipe, but Tony and Stephanie say it’s worth it!


Artichoke bread salad (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Artichoke Bread Salad

Stephanie and Tony have the perfect recipe for that leftover bread you’re not sure what to do with.


Mashed cauliflower (Stephanie Tantillo)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Mashed Cauliflower

Stephanie and Tony make this healthy alternative to mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving!


Penne and Brussels sprouts (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Brussels Sprouts & Penne

Stephanie and Tony make this colorful and tasty pasta dish — perfect for pasta and veggie lovers alike.


Frisee salad (CBS 2)

Stephanie & Tony’s Table: Frisee Salad

Stephanie and Tony Tantillo show how to make breakfast for lunch!