Sims: Eovaldi Faces Long, Tough Road Back To MajorsThough a number of pitchers have returned to action after having a repeat Tommy John, research has shown a significantly lower success rate the second time around.
Sims: Should The Mets Be Very Concerned About Wright? Yes, They Should BeThough assistant GM John Ricco reportedly claimed that “doctors aren’t that worried about it,” stenosis isn’t something that just goes away.
Sims: A Closer Look At Masahiro Tanaka's Troubling InjuriesThe Masahiro Tanaka story continues to unfold, with uncertainty and caution the prevailing themes.
Sims: Breaking Down Capuano And Risks Of Rushing Back From Quad StrainBy now you’ve probably heard that Chris Capuano – a 36-year-old left-hander and the Yankees’ projected fifth starter – left his exhibition start in the first inning Wednesday with a right quadriceps strain.
Sims: Breaking Down Luis Torrens' Season-Ending InjuryThe labrum is a firm fibrocartilaginous structure that is attached to the inner socket of the shoulder and hip joints.
Sims: They Say They Feel Great, But Tanaka And Beltran Remain ConcernsIt does seem likely that Tanaka -- a fastball pitcher who's had a UCL injury at such a young age -- is destined for Tommy John surgery. The real question is, if not now, when?
Sims: Victor Cruz's Career Is In Jeopardy After Tearing Patellar TendonThe diagnosis, a ruptured patellar tendon, more than ends Cruz’s season. It puts his career in jeopardy.
Sims: Tanaka's Starts The Rest Of The Way Will Determine If He Needs SurgeryEven if he successfully completes one or two 75-pitch starts without complaint, there is no assurance that Tanaka will be able to avoid surgery.
Sims: Even If Tanaka Gets Through Rehab, Surgery May Be UnavoidableAs I’ve written before, even with rest, PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injection and rehab, a torn ligament does not regain full tensile strength in a matter of weeks.
Sims: David Wright Got Good News On Shoulder, But He Must Be CautiousDavid Wright and the Mets got some very good news on Monday. The right-handed third baseman’s MRI was negative for structural damage in his left shoulder and revealed only bruising of the rotator cuff.
Sims: Mets' Harvey Learning That The Body Has Its Own Recovery PlanUnless he’d like to face a revision surgery down the road -- perhaps sooner than later -- Matt Harvey would be wise to take direction from his medical team without a fight.
Sims: Dr. James Andrews Weighs In On Tommy John EpidemicAndrews details the risk factors that predispose adolescent pitchers to UCL wear and tear. The primary concern is simply doing too much too soon.

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