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Queens Lawmaker Looking To Clean Up ‘Salacious’ Outdoor Ads On State Property

A Queens lawmaker is now taking aim at sexy inappropriate outdoor ads.


An ad is placed on a school bus in Jackson, N.J.  (credit: CBS2)

School Bus Ads Get Rolling In New Jersey

Like other districts looking to close budget gaps, Jackson is forced to deal with a 2-percent cap on property taxes, which fund schools in New Jersey.


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New Ad Campaigns Mix Women’s Empowerment With Product Sales

New thought-provoking ads empowering women and young girls have a lot of people talking.


Don Cheadle walks a llama in a Bud Light commercial to air during Super Bowl XLVIII.

Super Bowl Ads: Expert Breaks Down Good, Bad, Trends

For some, Super Bowl Sunday is less about the big game and more about the wack, wild and often controversial commercials that air during it.


Citi Bike Docking Station - New York, NY. (credit: Stan Brooks / 1010 WINS)

Some Brooklyn Residents Say Citi Bike Racks Amount To Intrusive Advertising

Some angry neighbors have plastered new Citi Bike stations in Brooklyn with messages saying they amount to intrusive examples of “advertising” and “commercial activity.”


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Ask Asa: ‘Do Not Track’ List

By now most of us have marveled at the computers ability to track what we search for online. Text messages seem to appear from nowhere after we download an app, and the GPS never fails to point out that donut shop around the corner.


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Ask Asa: Facial Recognition Technology

Some people are calling the technology invasive and watchdogs are fearful that it may be a step in the wrong direction.


Photo of the online version of the controversial billboard ad. (credit: Wodka website)

Discount Vodka Company ‘Wodka’ Courts Controversy Again With Latest Billboard

The Bronx billboard reading “Escort Quality, Hooker Pricing” has since been removed after residents complained.


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Smart Phones To Feature iCircular Advertisements

The feature, called iCircular, will start appearing Monday in the mobile phone applications of the participating newspapers.


Pepsi Creates New Ads For Pricey Super Bowl Slot

Eye On New York: On Super Bowl Ads

In this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2’s Dana Tyler speaks with Kevin Swanepoel, president of the One Club, about Super Bowl advertisements.


Gov. Chris Christie (Photo/Getty Images), School Bus (Photo/

Gov. Christie Considering School Bus Ads Bill

New Jersey’s cash-strapped public school districts may soon be able to raise money by soliciting school bus advertising.


School Bus

N.J. To Consider Putting Ads On School Buses

In their search for new revenue streams, New Jersey officials have turned yellow. They’re contemplating selling ads on the sides of school buses.