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Norwalk Mosque Dispute Prompts Department Of Justice Involvement

Norwalk, which engaged in a lengthy dispute over plans for a mosque, has been asked by the Department of Justice to review regulations related to religious institutions.


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Norwalk, Islamic Center Resolve Mosque Lawsuit

Norwalk will pay litigation damages to Al Madany Islamic Center of Norwalk, buy Al Madany’s site and help it find an alternative site.


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Norwalk Common Council To Consider Mosque Plan Tuesday

Neighbors who oppose the Al-Madany Islamic Center project worry that 42,000 mosque and community hall will draw hundreds of people to the area, ruining the quality of life while jamming local streets with traffic.


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Norwalk Residents Still Have Concerns After City, Mosque Reach Settlement

The city of Norwalk and officials planning to build a mosque have agreed to settle a case that could have cost the city millions. But some neighbors of the project are still not happy.


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Public Hearing Tonight On Norwalk Mosque Proposal

A huge turnout is expected at a public hearing in Norwalk tonight as Muslims renew their efforts to build a mosque in a residential neighborhood in the city.