Alberta Clipper

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2/11 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines

There are some bone-chilling temps out there this morning! If you live in our northern ‘burbs, some of the wake up temps are going down to the single digits.


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2/10 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday. The weather is actually tranquil today. With temps a few degrees above normal in many areas, some melting is occurring right now.


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1/31 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

You might want to consider staying inside through at least noon today. Winds will be WHIPPING around.


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1/30 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

We have some light snow falling across parts of the Tri-State. The clipper is moving east as forecast and picking up a little bit of energy as it passes the city and gains strength over the milder water.


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1/29 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta, CBS2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer Hi everyone! An Alberta Clipper is knocking on the door of our area. Much of its energy is eroding as it heads east. Generally, a coating to 2 […]


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1/29 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

I must sound like broken record! Cold! Cold! Cold! All around the Tri-State, temps are 5-8 degrees colder than normal.


1/28 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Finally, the snow has ended as of early morning hours. Orient, N.Y. was the “winner” with 30 inches. Southampton followed suit with 29 inches.


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1/28 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Expect another cold one today as the snow pack from the storm keeps things a few degrees colder than normal. The sunshine will be ample, but expect some blowing and drifting snow to be a problem out in eastern Long Island.


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1/20 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

A fairly seasonal day is in store for us. Temps will top off in the upper 30s today under a partly to mostly sunny sky.


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1/19 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

We should top off in the lower 40s today, with a few flurries making their way down to the surface with no accumulation expected.


A woman walks along a snow covered sidewalk in Brooklyn on a cold morning on January 9, 2015. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Slick Road Conditions After Snow Blankets Tri-State Area

The light snow showers hit just in time for the Friday morning rush. The greatest snow totals are expected mainly from the city on northward into the Hudson Valley and Connecticut.


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1/8 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

You don’t need a weatherman to know it’s cold out. Brutally cold wind chills started the day.


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1/6 CBS2 Tuesday Evening Weather Headlines

It’s a brutally cold afternoon out there. If you need to be outdoors please bundle up. Frostbite can insue in as little as 15 minutes.


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1/6 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Must be very cold no matter where you’re waking up today. From the low 30s on the coast, to the teens up north, almost all are starting off below the freezing mark.


Forecast for Tuesday, Jan. 6. (credit: AccuWeather)

NYC Sanitation Department Issues Snow Alert For Tuesday

Most Tri-State Area residents will see under an inch of snow, but some may see up to 2 inches. Still, the New York City Department of Sanitation issued a snow alert for Tuesday.