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Black Friday Shopping Tips For ElectronicsYou can score plenty of deals if you're out shopping on Black Friday, especially on normally pricey electronic, but for certain devices and gadgets, it's better to wait to buy.
Healthier Alternatives For Thanksgiving Side DishesJoel Gamoran of Sur La Table talked with CBS2's Alex Denis about healthier replacements for unhealthy ingredients at the holiday celebration.
A Colorful New Way To Track Your Progress While Working OutExercise and heart rate go hand in hand, but how hard should you work out without overdoing it?
Clinic At Hofstra University Helps Patients Overcome Fear Of FlyingAn advanced computer system at Hofstra's Phobia and Trauma Clinic uses virtual reality and immerses the phobic patient into real-life flying situations.
Interior Designers Show Off Best Work At Annual Holiday House On Upper East SideThe latest interior design trends are taking over an already stunning mansion on East 62nd Street.
Not So Sugar-Coated Truth About Halloween CandyMany of the Halloween go-tos don't meet that criteria, adding calories to your diet that sneak up and say Boo!
Queens Mom Finds Balance, Solace In NYC Marathon TrainingWohlfahrt, of Long Island City, finds comfort in marathon training, and believes finding the right physical activity can be empowering.
Coconut Water Craze All It's Cracked Up To Be?We've seen more and more coconut water popping up on store shelves. Some consumers tout its health benefits, but is the coconut craze all it's cracked up to be?
Pope's Whirlwind New York Tour Comes To An EndPope Francis' whirlwind tour of New York came to an end as he headed for Philadelphia, the final stop on his first-ever visit to the United States.
Apps Allow For ATM Withdrawals Without Cards, PINsGet ready to toss your debit card out of your wallet, because soon, all you’ll need to get cash from an ATM is your smartphone.
New Yorkers Are Getting Into Dining Solo As Long As You Mind Your MannersEating solo has become more popular in recent years. What used to take guts, now is easier with a little help from hand held devices.
Furry Friend Finder: Lancelot And LucasIn this edition of “Furry Friend Finder,” CBS2's Vanessa Murdock and Alex Denis introduce us to Lancelot and Lucas, who are looking for homes.
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