Alfonso Mendez

Family and friends gather in Brooklyn to call on the NYPD to re-train and re-certify police officers in First Aid and CPR. (credit: Stan Brook, 1010 WINS)

Parents Of Briana Ojeda Call For NYPD Action Nearly 2 Years After Daughter’s Fatal Asthma Attack

Michael and Carmen Ojeda contend that police officer Alfonso Mendez refused to give their daughter CPR.


Friends and family rallied in Brooklyn on Sunday for reform in NYPD CPR training after Briana Ojeda suffered a fatal asthma attack while a police officer failed to administer CPR.

NYC Couple Demands NYPD Reform After Cop Failed To Help

The Brooklyn parents whose daughter died of an asthma attack when a police officer failed to perform CPR are now mobilizing a movement to require officers to take action, and to be prosecuted if they don’t.