Combating A Cold Or Allergies? How To Find The Right Medicine For ReliefThere's a pretty good chance you're either using the wrong ones or using them incorrectly.
Interview: Tips And Tricks To Keeping Your Spring Allergies Under ControlWith the swift changes in weather we've had, 2016 is shaping up for a very rough allergy season, with experts predicting it to be one of the worst seasons we've had in awhile.
How An Elimination Diet May Improve Your Child's HealthDoes your child suffer from allergies? Dr. Maya Shetreat-Klein, author of "The Dirt Cure," shares how an elimination diet may be the secret to a healthier and happier life!
Health Watch: Can Warm Winter Weather Make Us Sick?According to some medical experts, changing weather conditions may have less of an impact on our health than we think.
The Best Hypoallergenic PetsDo hypoallergenic pets really mean people with allergies can comfortably own cats and dogs?
Asthma Awareness Month FactsSpreading awareness is currently the closest thing we have to a cure.
Which NYC Borough Is The Healthiest?According to researchers, NYC is getting healthier. Click to see which borough's best.
What Is Pollen Count And How Is It Determined?Few allergy sufferers understand what pollen levels are or how they are determined.
The Importance of Finding the Right SPFIt's import to use a sunscreen with the right SPF level for your skin and to apply it often.
Common Childhood Allergies To Watch Out ForAs allergy season approaches, we are introduced to a wide variety of possible problems for our children. From the common allergens like pollen and trees to the lesser known ones like food and pets, these are some of the top allergies to watch out for in your kids.
NYC Takes Steps To Improve Air QualityAre you a part of the 44%? That's the percentage of people living in areas where pollution levels are high enough to be considered hazardous,
Allergies Bothering You? Try These Great Indoor Activities In NYCAllergy season putting a damper on things? Check out these five amazing New York City indoor activities that won't have you reaching for the antihistamine.

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