Former 'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Reveals He Suffers From DementiaHe shot to fame as a TV star and music heartthrob, but during recent performances, he had trouble remembering the lyrics he'd sung for 50 years.
Non-Profit Uses Music To Treat Elderly Patients Fighting Cognitive Illnesses If there was a new drug that could lift the mood of people with Alzheimer's and dementias, and at the same time calm them and make them more verbal it would rapidly become a billion dollar blockbuster.
Woman With Alzheimer's Missing From Morningside Heights Since SaturdayA woman with Alzheimer’s disease has been missing since Saturday, when her frantic husband said he took his eyes off her for a second and she took off.
UPSIT ‘Smell Test’ Could Aid In Early Detection Of Alzheimer’sThere has been a possible breakthrough in the early detection of Alzheimer's and other dementia. It's about how your brain processes and remembers certain smells or odors.
Will Ferrell 'Not Pursuing' Comedy That Prompted Strong Backlash From Reagan FamilyWill Ferrell has decided to back out of his role as Ronald Reagan in a new film after the former president's family and other critics slammed the movie for being in poor taste.
Elderly Woman With Alzheimer's Reported Missing In Union CityMaria DeLeon, 72, of Clifton, was last seen at 7:20 p.m. Monday in the area of 43rd Street and Bergenline Avenue in Union City.
New Jersey Lawmaker Calls On Feds To Wage War On Alzheimer’sA call went up on Sunday, for the federal government to wage war on Alzheimer's Disease.
Researchers Say Ultrasound Could Play A Role In The Fight Against Alzheimer’sNow, there is exciting new hope in the fight against Alzheimer's, and it comes from the technology that is usually associated with expectant mothers.
Famed Celebrity Restaurateur B. Smith Found In New York CityCelebrated New York restaurant owner and former model Barbara Smith, better known as B. Smith, was found Wednesday afternoon after going missing for 18 hours.
Researchers Report Breakthroughs In Diagnosis Of Alzheimer’s DiseaseTwo possible breakthroughs have been reported in the diagnosis of Alzheimer's, one of them involves our sense of smell and the other involves our eyes.
Dr. Max Gomez: Regular Exercise Could Prevent Memory Loss For many people the biggest fears associated with aging are memory loss, Alzheimer's, and dementia.
Stories From Main Street: Westchester High School Club Raises Awareness For Alzheimer'sOver the past three years, the Growth and Awareness Group for Alzheimer's at Byram Hills High School has raised more than $65,000 for research.

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