Billboard Campaign Prompts NJ Hospital To Stop Using Live Animals For Medical TrainingA recent billboard campaign to stop Morristown Medical Center from using live animals for medical training has led to good news for man's best friend.
Seen At 11: Couples Avoiding Bitter Pet Custody Battles With 'Pup-Nups'Attorneys across the country are reporting a huge jump in pet custody battles, which can be both emotionally and financially draining.
Meatpacking District Venue Calls Off Planned SeaWorld Party With PenguinsA Meatpacking District restaurant called off a planned party to be hosted by SeaWorld Tuesday, after an animal rights group threatened to protest over the live penguins that were set to be part of it.
New Jersey Black Bear Hunt To Begin On MondayFor the fourth year in a row, the New Jersey black bear hunt was set to get under way next week.
Protesters Turn Out For Final Day Of NJ's Black Bear HuntAs of Friday night, 410 bears have been harvested during the hunt's first five days.

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