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Controversy Erupts Over Stamford Antique Gun Show Less Than One Month After The Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

An array of antique rifles, dueling pistols, and recently manufactured shotguns were displayed on more than two-hundred tables at Stamford’s Plaza Hotel.



Junk Or Gem? Tips From History Channel’s Star Antique Dealers

Ever wonder if that stuff you have stored in the garage is a gem – or just junk? Some experts visited The Couch to show you how to find out.


12: Modern Antiquities - Hudson, NY (file / credit: Hudson Antiquities Dealers Association)

Rough Economy Takes Anne McInnis From NYC Corporate World To Upstate Antique Shop

With the economy still in a sorry state, more out-of-work professionals are chasing their dreams and turning them into second careers.


FILE- Part of a collection of toy boats which have been on display for the past 25 years in the lobby of the Forbes Magazine headquarters is shown in this file photo provided by Sotheby's. (AP/Sotheby's New York)

Forbes Toy Collection Sold For $2.3M At Sotheby’s

The Forbes collection of antique toys was estimated to bring in anywhere from $3 million to $5 million at Friday’s sale.