Vets in New Jersey had to perform surgery on a bear to remove an arrow in its nose (Credit: CBS 2)

Vet Team Removes Arrow From New Jersey Bear’s Nose

The animal was captured on Thursday near New Egypt Raceway in Ocean County.


Susan Darrah snapped the shot of the deer with an arrow through its head, triggering a search effort. 
(credit: top - Susan Darrah/bottom - Handout)

Deer With Arrow Lodged In Head Rescued

The arrow missed all major organs and arteries, traveling through a nasal cavity. The puncture wounds weren’t infected, and the deer was treated with preventative antibiotics.


Deer With Arrow Through Head

New Jersey Farmer Hopes To Save Deer With Arrow Lodged In Head

A deer has been spotted wandering in Morris County, N.J. with a hunter’s arrow in its head, residents hoped the injured animal could be found in time to save its life.



Report: Canada Goose Is Found Shot With Arrow On Long Island

A Canada goose was found with an arrow through its body in Suffolk County this week, and police were searching Sunday for the person who shot the bird, according to a published report.