Stephen Hawking's Ashes To Be Buried Near Isaac Newton, Charles DarwinProf. Hawking gained worldwide recognition through his papers and books on the mysteries of space, time, and black holes.
Dallas Man Apologizes For Sprinkling His Friend's Ashes At The MetDallas resident Roger Kaiser said in a letter Wednesday that he promised a cancer-stricken friend in 2012 that he would scatter the friend's ashes at various opera houses after his death.
Funeral Home Director: Connecticut Couple Steals Son's AshesThe funeral home director said he thought the couple was there to pay off their balance, but the father is seen on surveillance video going to a cabinet, holding his son's ashes and then taking off.
Staten Island Woman Furious After Postal Service Loses Track Of Her Father' AshesA Staten Island woman was waiting Friday evening for a very meaningful package that appeared to have been lost in the mail.
Change In State Regs Will Allow New Yorkers To Be Buried With Their PetsThe practice of burying an owners ashes with a pet was allowed, and then it wasn't. Now, it is allowed again but restrictions have been placed on cemetery owners.
B&C Morning Show: Monetizing, Memorializing And Snorting Boomer's AshesCraig was thrilled to hear the kind words Alex Rodriguez had for his teammate Mariano Rivera after he collected career save No. 600.
Cops: CT Man Stole Girlfriend's Grandmother's AshesConnecticut State Police say 37-year-old Mark Kzakrzeski of Southbury was carrying a pistol when he stole the urn during a fight Friday at the woman's home in Oxford.
Supreme Court Rejects 9/11 Families' AppealThe relatives of victims of the 9/11 attacks have lost their bid to get proper burial for material taken from the WTC site because it could contain the ashes of victims.

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