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Ask Asa: When Designer Deals Turn Into Disasters

Buying a designer label means more than just a famous name stamped on your pants or purse. There’s a cut, feel and quality that is evident. But sometimes, designer deals turn into disasters.


Published writer June Lay was nearly the victim of a mystery-shopper scam. (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: Consumer Federation Of America Releases List Of Most Dubious Opportunities

Scams are everywhere, and on Tuesday the Consumer Federation of America released its list of the most dubious opportunities.


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Ask Asa: Trip Insurance

As we reach the height of the summer travel season many people have their sights set on exotic destinations.


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Ask Asa: Proposed Regulation Could Affect Online Shoppers

If you love the ease of shopping online, then you may not like a proposed federal regulation that could take a big bite out of your shopping budget


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Ask Asa: Sales Tax Jurisdiction And Rate Lookup

Looking for more information on Asa Aarons’ report on the possibility of taxes on online shopping?


Microsoft has safe ways to ensure that your computer is protected. (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: Beware Of Computer Scammers That Call Your Home Directly

A panicky phone call from someone claiming to help solve your computer problems could wind up being more of a problem than a solution.


Wedding Couple (credit:

Ask Asa: Wedding Insurance

Weddings are supposed to be memorable events, but sometimes they become memorable for all of the wrong reasons.


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Ask Asa: Waiting For An IRS Refund

Software and system problems caused thousands of IRS refund checks to be delayed this year. One woman decided that she had waited long enough, so she went to CBS’s Asa Aarons for help.


Company Office (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: Lazy Days Of Summer Could Mean Major Opportunities For The Unemployed

The lazy, hazy days of summer are here. But if you’re unemployed, these could also be days of opportunity. And there is a way to beat the competition and land a new job.


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Ask Asa: Social Media Scoring

Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are a great way for people to stay connected. But now some people who are very active online are reaping the benefits in the form of vacations, cash prizes, and more.


Someone's eye always appears to be focused on you and your spending habits. (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: Consumers Are Followed, Targeted When They Browse Online

Do you ever have that feeling that someone is watching you? A remote, spectral figure monitoring what you do? It’s not paranoia. It’s modern consumer life.


Computer User Who May Not Know She Has The ‘Doomsday Virus’ (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: ‘Doomsday Virus’ Could Affect Your Computer If You Don’t Take Action Soon

The doomsday virus capable of knocking out your computer is still active and dangerous. In fact, the clock is ticking on it and if you don’t take action in a few days you could be hit with it.


Android phone. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

Ask Asa: Your Old Smart Phone’s Memory Could End Up Your Headache

You wouldn’t sell a file cabinet loaded with your personal information to strangers. But that may be exactly what happens when you trade in or sell your used smart phone.


Piles of garbage sit on a street corner in Midtown. (credit: Philip J. Victor,

Ask Asa: Safeguarding Your Garbage

Finding out that rodents and pests have gotten into your garbage can be a frustrating experience for any homeowner.


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Ask Asa: Dealing With The Student Loan Debt Crisis

Congress just voted against a scheduled interest rate hike on such loans, but still, millions of people — many ready for retirement — are still drowning in this debt.