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Ask Asa: Choosing The Right Storage Unit

Storage units are a big business in the tri-state area, for everything from tools, to clothing, and extra artwork. But as CBS 2’s Asa Aarons found out storage units can go turn from a ‘great space saver’ into a great way to lose your stuff.


Home Construction

Ask Asa: When Home Construction Goes Wrong

Navigating through the process of home construction can be a daunting task. While consumers do have rights, there are also ways for contractors to seek recourse when things go wrong.


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Ask Asa: Getting The Most Cool For The Least Cash

The weather has prompted a mad dash to appliance stores as people scramble to buy air conditioners. So how do you get the most cool for the least cash? CBS 2’s consumer reporter Asa Aarons has the answer.


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Ask Asa: Cyber Cries

As technology continues to grow the phrase “call for help” could soon turn into “text for help.” Social media is becoming a bigger and bigger part of every day life, and that includes reporting emergencies.


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Ask Asa: When ‘Unsubscribe’ Means The Opposite

When you click on the “unsubscribe” button on an Internet offer you may be doing more than you think, and CBS 2’s Consumer Reporter Asa Aarons found out that it may not always be in your best interest.


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Ask Asa: Food Fraud

Everybody has heard of counterfeit money, but what about fake, illegally altered food? CBS 2’s Asa Aarons says that it happens more often than you might think.


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Ask Asa: Major Prom Problems Cause Nightmare For Students

All dressed up and no place to go — that’s the position that dozens of Westchester County students found themselves in when the bus they rented for their senior prom failed to arrive. CBS 2’s Asa Aarons reports on major prom problems.


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Ask Asa: Faith Based Dating

A consumer alert for anybody who uses online dating websites. CBS 2’s Asa Aarons took a look at a disturbing trend that involves criminals taking advantage of people who are looking for love online.


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Ask Asa: Text Message Scammers Pose As Friends In Need

Thieves disguised as friends in need of urgent help are sending out text messages that could help them steal your personal identity and your money.


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Ask Asa: Do It Yourself Mechanics

Cars hitting the market these days contain more computer chips than the original Apollo 11 moon lander, and that can make it difficult to conduct routine maintainance.


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Ask Asa: Breaking Down The ‘LinkedIn’ Security-Breach Situation

Millions of subscribers to the popular website “LinkedIn” are finding that their private information is in danger of being leaked to strangers. CBS 2’s Asa Aarons breaks down the latest on what many are calling a huge security breach.


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Ask Asa: Changes From Largest Carriers Could Mean Higher Bills For Us

As mobile phones get smarter, our bills get higher — and it’s about to get worse. The nation’s largest carriers are making changes that could eventually mean higher bills for many of us. CBS 2’s Asa Aarons breaks down the situation.


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Ask Asa: Job Search Websites

In today’s tough job market many people are turning their search towards the internet. But not all job search websites are created equal.



Ask Asa: Protecting Your Shipment With Postal Insurance

Whenever you ship something valuable there is a serious risk that it will be damaged during shipment. If your package isn’t insured and something happens during shipping, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.


A gym membership could be a good purchase in June. (Credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: How To Tell What’s A Great Deal And What’s A Rip-Off In June

June is the unofficial start of summer, and this month is loaded with opportunities to buy new products, gadgets and clothes. Some are great deals and, to put it bluntly, others are not. CBS 2’s Asa Aarons explains how to tell the difference.