Babe Ruth

Yankees' Franchise Four: Fans Choose Past Legends Over Jeter, MoDerek Jeter and Mariano Rivera retired as beloved in the Bronx as any of the greats in Monument Park. But neither landed on the Yankees' Mount Rushmore.
Happy And Grateful, A-Rod Takes Place As AL's RBI KingAlex Rodriguez is in a good place. He's breaking records and, maybe more surprising, on solid footing with the Yankees.
A-Rod's 3-Run Homer Moves Him Past Ruth, Gehrig On All-Time RBIs ListAlex Rodriguez pulled off quite a power move on Wednesday.
In Search Of Raccoons, N.J. Man Finds Vintage Baseball Card Collection In Apartment WallA New Jersey man found a treasure buried in the walls of his apartment. It was hidden for decades and he discovered it by accident.
Boomer & Carton: The Benefits Of Sheep Testicle ExtractBoomer and Craig were thrilled to get a call from a listener Monday morning named Howard, who mentioned the belief out there that the great Babe Ruth may have taken an extract from sheep testicles.
By The Numbers: Which Yankees Should Have Their Numbers Retired?Where does one draw the line? Either a retired number is something special or it's not.
Boomer & Carton: Babe Ruth Played When A Double Was A Home RunFor the record, Boomer was not on board with his radio partner's way of thinking with regards to the Sultan of Swat's greatness...
Ranking The Best Local Athletes In History By Jersey/Uniform Number: 9-1Here we are, the final stretch. These are the best local athletes in history by jersey number, from 9-1.
By The Numbers: Little-Known Facts About The Babe From Julia Ruth StevensI suspected that I would know most of the “answers,” but it was interesting to hear these responses and observations about “daddy” from Julia herself, and how they confirmed what I had read before.
By The Numbers: Remembering The Iconic Mickey Mantle Over their careers, I would take Mays over Mantle. However, during their primes, I think The Commerce Comet was superior to The Say Hey Kid.
Babe Ruth Red Sox Contract Fetches $1 Million At AuctionRuth's 1918 contract with the Boston Red Sox has sold for more than $1 million, along with other baseball memorabilia up for auction in Baltimore.
Babe Ruth Anniversary: 94 Years, 6 Months, 6 Days Since Sale To YankeesBabe Ruth began his career 100 years ago today as a member of the Red Sox. No doubt, it's a big, big deal. You can go to CBS Boston for that.

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