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Baked Goods

(credit: Butch Bakery)

NYC’s 5 Best Bacon Desserts

Bacon: it’s not just to put atop burgers. Or to eat as a snack. Or to turn into jam. Or to have for dinner. Indeed, bacon might be best when pared with something super-sugary. These dishes combine the salty savoriness of bacon with the soul-satisfying sweetness of baked goods and chocolate.


(credit: Clementine Bakery)

NYC’s 7 Best Bake Shops For Gluten-Free Desserts

The dietary restriction doesn’t mean you have to swear off baked goods – especially if you live in New York City. We hit the streets to find the city’s best gluten-free treats, sweets and desserts.

CBS New York–03/27/2013

(credit: Flickr)

Politician Calls Cops On Kids’ Cupcake Sale

Call it a “cupcake crime.” Two 13-year-old boys from Westchester County set up what they thought was a simple, harmless bake sale. That is, until the police showed up.