Graffiti Artist Banksy Returns To NYC With Mural Protesting Arrest Of Turkish ArtistZehra Dogan, an ethnic Kurd, was jailed after painting the Turkish flag flying over the rubble of a destroyed town.
Banksy Calls World Trade Center Design 'Disaster'The popular yet elusive artist says the 104-story skyscraper "so clearly proclaims the terrorists won'' and that the building "lacks any self-confidence.''
Banksy Takes Day Off From Street Art Due To What He Calls 'Police Activity'British street artist Banksy was taking the day off from creating artworks for his New York “residency” Wednesday, for what he called “police activity.”
Banksy Fever Continues To Grip New York As Art Appears In All 5 BoroughsBritish street artist Banksy has now hit all five boroughs in his month-long New York “residency” and his work has continued to turn heads.
Report: Brooklyn Building Owner Hires Security To Safeguard Banksy's WorkA Brooklyn building owner has hired security guards and installed a metal gate to protect a work by the elusive British graffiti artist Banksy.
Bloomberg Bashes Banksy's Street ArtThe renowned British street artist, whose keeps his identity secret, is doing a month-long "residency" in New York, using the city's walls as his canvas.
Banksy Draws 9/11 Tribute On TriBeca BuildingJust minutes after Banksy posted his new piece Tuesday, crowds quickly gathered to admire the drawing on a building on Staple Street at Jay Street in TriBeca.
Banksy: I Sold Original Artwork For $60 In NYCBanksy wrote on his website that he had set up a stall in Central Park on Saturday with original signed works.
Banksy Fever Grips New Yorkers As Daily Hunt For Street Art ContinuesAs elusive street artist Banksy continues his month-long “residency” in New York, devoted fans are watching every day to find out where his latest work might turn up.
New Yorkers On The Lookout For Banksy Street Art CreationsThe elusive British artist Banksy has been the talk of New York in recent days, since his graffiti works have begun appearing around the city in what he called an attempt to “host an entire show on the streets of New York.”

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