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Divisional Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v Atlanta Falcons

NYC’s 10 Best Bars To Watch The NFL Playoffs

As Baltimore, New England, San Francisco and Atlanta battle it out for a spot in the Super Bowl, we have your guide on the best spots to catch the action this weekend.

CBS New York–01/18/2013

(credit: Beauty Bar)

NYC’s 6 Best ‘Double Duty’ Spots

In a hurry? The places that follow let you do two things at once, like get a haircut and stock up on handmade luggage, or practice your downward-facing dog and nurse a latte, saving you time and doubling your fun.


(credit: Friend of a Farmer)

NYC’s 6 Best Bars & Restaurants With Fireplaces

Some scholars theorize that humanity as we know it began with the invention of fire. Contemplate these and other deep thoughts as you stare into the ember flames at the following establishments. You can keep warm too.



NYC’s Top 3 ‘Hair Of The Dog’ Cocktails

Happy Hangover! If your vitamins and minerals are a tad on the depleted side after a New Year’s celebration, these cocktails may cure what ails you.

CBS New York–01/01/2013

(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

2012′s 5 Best Iconic NYC Drinks

We sipped some fabulous beverages in 2012 (alcoholic and non-alcoholic alike). Some of these drinks listed were invented in New York City, while others were just popularized here. All, however, are worth a try, especially at an equally iconic bar, restaurant, or, yes, soda fountain.


(credit: Clinton Street Baking Co)

NYC’s 5 Best Mulled Cider Cocktails

The temperatures out there say winter has arrived, and so do cocktail lists across the city. So slip on your mittens, don your best pair of earmuffs, and head on over to these spots serving up winter’s hottest cocktail ingredient: Cider.

CBS New York–12/27/2012


NYC’s Top 5 Liquor Stores For Holiday Gifts

Need to check some names off your shopping list? Use this handy guide to NYC’s top liquor stores to find the perfect wine, spirits and beer for the imbibers on your list, and spread the holiday cheer.

CBS New York–12/10/2012

(credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

The 5 Best Restaurants And Bars Near Barclays Center

The Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks are set to play the first battle of the boroughs at the Barclays Center on Monday. If you’re lucky enough to be attending, here are five top picks nearby for food and drinks.

CBS New York–11/26/2012

Credit: Black Swan Brooklyn

Brooklyn’s 5 Best Bars Off The Beaten Path

Brooklyn’s developing neighborhoods offers fresh scenery, a new crowd to mingle with, and, often, cheaper drinks. Here’s a look at the best bars in Clinton-Stuy-Wick.

CBS New York–10/23/2012


NYC’s 5 Most Underrated Music Bars

The CMJ Music Marathon is in town this week, filling NYC music venues with attention-hungry bands, college radio DJs and record industry scouts. Here are the best bars to find under-the-radar musicians in the Big Apple.

CBS New York–10/17/2012

(credit: Mayahuel/Facebook)

The 5 Best Cocktail Bars In The East Village

If you’re looking to do a cocktail crawl, the East Village is the place to be, although it may be more enjoyable to spread these five stops out over a few evenings.


Credit: M Booth & Associates

The 5 Best NYC Bars For Sherry Cocktails

Sherry, often considered a cooking ingredient or a dessert wine fit for grandmas, is making a resurgence as a velvety cocktail ingredient that pairs especially well with fall flavors. Try one of these 5 bars for a sherry cocktail this season.

CBS New York–10/08/2012

Blind Date

NYC’s 5 Best Bars For A Blind Date

Mama told you not to talk to strangers, but in this era of online dating, more and more people are willing to risk some awkwardness for a chance at a love connection. Here are some of the best spots in NYC to weed the frogs from the princes (and princesses).

CBS New York–09/24/2012

(credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

NYC’s 5 Best Bars For Rye Whiskey Cocktails

Made from a mash of fermented rye grain, rye whiskey has a more aggressive flavor than the sweeter bourbon and is traditionally used in classic cocktails such as the Sazerac and the Manhattan.

CBS New York–09/17/2012

(credit: The Empire Room)

NYC’s 4 Best Bars For Business Drinks

If you are looking for a casual place to break the ice for a business meeting or networking session, you’ll want to pick a bar that isn’t too dark, noisy, or crowded. Here are some New York City watering holes that fit the bill for schmoozing.

CBS New York–09/16/2012