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Better Business Bureau Offers Tips For People Hiring MoversNew York's Better Business Burea wants to make sure everyone moving gets a fair deal.
Seen At 11: Seller Beware: Some Online Electronic Trade-In Sites Don't Deliver What They OfferYou’ve probably heard about the various websites that will give you cash for your old electronics, including cellphones-- but sellers beware.
Experts Warn Of Scam Emails About FedEx ShipmentsThe emails say a parcel was unable to be delivered, or ask recipients to update their passwords.
Experts: Scammers Are Exploiting Ebola FearsWith the death toll from the Ebola virus now having topped 4,000 people – including one fatality in the U.S. – consumer advocates have been warning of scams that take advantage of people’s fears about the disease.
Seen At 11: Old Computer Hacking Scam Back With A New TwistWhen Sandra Seip’s phone rang at 11 p.m., she couldn’t believe the person on the other end of the line was calling about her computer, saying the matter was urgent.
Scammers Posed As Better Business Bureau In Attempt To Rip-Off Desperate Job SeekersThe consumer group is known for protecting people from all sorts of scams, but it recently became the victim of one.
Seen At 11: Don't Fall Victim To The One-Ring ScamPeople from all over the world are talking about it online, and in the U.S. the Better Business Bureau has issued a warning; don't call back, or else.
Better Business Bureau: Beware Of Super Bowl Scams All Over The PlaceWhen it comes to purchasing Super Bowl tickets, the Better Business Bureau is urging that the buyer beware. A serious scam is out there threatening to hit those looking to go to the big game in East Rutherford, N.J., next month.
Seen At 11: Don't Fall Victim To The 'Mail Trap'Here’s a new warning about another scam that could show up on your door step. An official looking letter arrives in the mail saying you owe fees -- and if you don't pay up, you may face jail time.
Retailers Hoping To Draw In Shoppers With Post-Holiday SalesExperts say items already marked down 70 percent before the holiday may now be slashed another 30 to 50 percent.
Holiday Shopping Tip: Don't Be A Scrooge To Your Customer Service RepHoliday time is shopping time, but it's also complaining time. And making returns and dealing with customer service can turn anyone into a Scrooge.
Seen On CBS 2: How To Avoid Scholarship ScamsThey are scams that cost the public millions of dollars a year. Companies are preying on parents and students, tricking them into thinking there's an easy way to pay tuition.
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