Mayor Bloomberg (file/credit: Edward Reed via Flickr)

Bloomberg Committed To Using Fortune To Fight NYPD IG, Stop-And-Frisk Bills

“He is just as intent as ever on using his wealth to determine the outcome. It’s almost like he can’t let go, like he doesn’t understand it’s over. It’s time for the people to make decisions in this town again, not billionaires,” said mayoral hopeful Bill de Blasio.


(Photo credit: ALEJANDRO PAGNI/AFP/Getty Images)

Energy Mogul Goes To Court In Suit Over Counterfeit Wine

In a sphere of oenophiles far removed from the world of Two-Buck Chuck and Franzia, a billionaire went to trial Wednesday in his lawsuit against a California wine merchant who allegedly cheated him to the tune of $320,000.


Bloomberg (L), Letterman (R) (Photo/Getty Images, Associated Press)

Bloomberg Talks About Being Mayor On Letterman

Mayor Bloomberg tells David Letterman he thinks being governor is a “terrible job” and he’s not embarrassed to be ranked the 10th richest person in the nation.