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NBA Players Get New Offer And A Deadline To Accept

Accept a chance to earn up to 51 percent of basketball-related income by Wednesday or get ready for a deal that’s a whole lot worse.


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Kallas: Perceived Split Among NBA Players May Be Bad For NBA Owners

This past Wednesday, the NBA owners tried a pre-emptive strike against the players, asking a federal judge to rule that, if the players decertified the union and sued the NBA for antitrust violations (sound familiar, NFL fans?), such a lawsuit would not be allowed to end the lockout. Here’s what happens now.


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NBA Lockout: 50 Players Reportedly Mull Decertification

NBA fans, do you want the good news first or the bad news?


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Report: Despite Cancellations, 78-Game NBA Season Possible

As NBA players and owners wait to see who will blink first, fans are stuck staring at a blank calendar.


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NBA Cancels All Games Through Nov. 30 After Negotiations Break Down Again

After two days of making some progress on salary cap issues, the two sides brought the revenue split back into the discussion and got stuck on both.


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NBA Labor Deal In Next Few Days? David Stern Says It’s Possible

Could it be? Might the 120-day NBA lockout be coming to an end?


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Schmeelk: NBA, Time To Strike A Deal Is Now

No one really cared about losing preseason basketball games. Now, however, real games — and real reputations — are at stake.


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NBA Lockout: Sides Say 82-Game Season Still Possible

Sure, they already canceled two weeks of the season. But there’s renewed optimism that the NBA can squeeze in an 82-game season if a deal to end the lockout is reached soon.


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Reports: NBA Owners, Players To Resume Talks; Cancellations ‘On Hold’

Maybe there’s some hope for NBA fans after all?


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Report: NBA To Cancel ‘At Least’ Two More Weeks Of Season

According to the New York Daily News, the NBA will announce “at least” two more lost weeks of play on Tuesday.


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NBA Lockout: David Stern To Miss 3rd Straight Day Of Talks With Flu

After another long day of negotiations, NBA players and owners left with nothing more than plans for another meeting.


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NBA Lockout: Mediation Resumes After 16-Hour Session

NBA owners and players are meeting for a second straight day, shortly after finishing a 16-hour marathon with a federal mediator.


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Keidel: David Stern And Billy Hunter Go Hunting

Yes, the NBA is on the fast track to hardwood hockey, on the verge of the very thing that killed the NHL – a ruined season.


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NBA Lockout: David Stern’s ‘Gut’ Day Has Arrived; Will Mediation Bring Quick Results?

Here we are: NBA commissioner David Stern’s “G-Day.” Stern told WFAN last week that without a labor agreement Tuesday his “gut” was that there wouldn’t be pro basketball on Christmas.


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Schmeelk: Solving The Issues With The NBA

Thanks to two great interviews by Mike Francesa with David Stern and Billy Hunter, the disagreements that are driving this NBA lockout are becoming very obvious. Let’s take a look at the three primary issues that are keeping the NBA off the court.