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Male Birth Control

Study Suggests Male Birth Control Pill May Be Possible

A new study may have found a way to make a male birth control pill a reality.


"Plan B" Pill (file/credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Battle Lines Drawn Following FDA’s ‘Morning-After’ Pill Decision

Is 15 too young to buy the “morning-after” pill? That’s the question dividing parents in our area after a controversial decision Tuesday from the federal government.


A new low-dose birth control patch is in clinical trials, and its lower estrogen levels could decrease the risk of side effects found in the current birth control patch.

HealthWatch: The Low-Dose Birth Control Patch

It’s news many women have been waiting to hear – researchers are now testing a new, potentially safer way to prevent pregnancies. The race is on to develop a low-dose birth control patch


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Could The Birth Control Pill Boost Brain Power?

New research finds the birth control pill could also boost a woman’s brain power. CBS 2’s Dr. Holly Phillips reports.