WATCH: WFAN's 'Chalk Talk' With Bob CostasSportscaster extraordinaire Bob Costas joined Gary Myers recently for an entertaining edition of WFAN's "Chalk Talk."
Keidel: As Evidenced By Costas Saga, Social Media Has Set Social Graces Back YearsJerry Seinfeld, one of the more muted comedians when it comes to politics, made some candid and compelling observations recently. It wasn't red or blue state stuff, but more red, white, and blue content.
On WFAN: Bob Costas Talks Strop Controversy And His Beef With Social MediaBob Costas says he had an obligation to apologize to the Cubs reliever for his comments during a recent broadcast. As for the users on social media who made it a trending story, Costas doesn't "owe them any explanation."
Boomer & Carton: Showers, Growers, Awkward Conversations, Botox And Pink EyeThis entertaining segment was oozing with goodness. It began with a discussion about 'showers and growers' and which side of the fence certain members of the staff place themselves. Revealing stuff.
Dr. Max Gomez: It's Pink Eye Season -- And The Virus Is Very ContagiousWe don't have to tell you that we're in the thick of cold and flu season. But we're also in the middle of pink eye season -- the time of the year when people get that awful, itchy and goopy eye infection.
Worsening Eye Infection Forces Bob Costas Off Olympic Prime Time TuesdayBob Costas was hoping to pitch a complete game at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. But with an infection that has spread to his other eye, the veteran broadcaster is making a call to the bullpen.
Boomer & Carton: Presidental Trivia, Craig's 'Inner-Doggie' And Bob Costas Calls For ReliefAfter Evan Roberts spent some time on the midday show Monday talking about U.S. Presidents, Boomer and Craig touched on the subject a bit.
Bob Costas Says Redskins' Name Is 'An Insult, A Slur'The veteran broadcaster -- no stranger to stirring debate on "Sunday Night Football" -- made the comments during halftime of the Dallas Cowboys' win over Washington.
Bob Costas Apologizes To Mets After Criticizing Celebration; Terry RespondsBob Costas sent a private broadcast to the Mets on Monday: sorry!
TTYM: Watch NBA Players Read 'Mean Tweets' About Themselves And The Dumbest Quote By An Athlete Ever?
Keidel: Bob Costas Blurs Line Between Illuminating And Illuminati If you consider that Costas -- whose mental and semantic alacrity once made him the exemplar of sports broadcasting -- is deep into the back-nine of his career, perhaps his fits of shock-jock rhetoric are somewhat expected.
Bob Costas Slams Mets' Celebration; Players Respond On TwitterCostas threw a bucket of cold water on Sunday's win, calling New York's on-field celebration an "indication of the ongoing decline of western civilization."

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