Boomer & Gio Podcast & MOTD: Feb. 16, 2018Friday's "Moment of the Day" featured a funny bit starring Al, Kim and a drink.
Boomer & Gio: C-Lo Knows The Score At Spring TrainingFriend of the morning show Chris Lopresti was back in with Jerry Recco and Kim Jones on Friday and was locked and loaded with all the sound from Mets and Yankees camp.
Boomer & Gio: Recco & Jones, Part IIBoomer and Gio took the final day of the work week off, which meant another heavy dose of Jerry Recco in the power chair, alongside Kim Jones.
Boomer & Gio Podcast & MOTD: Feb. 9, 2018Friday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" featured Jason Kelce and Gio.
Boomer & Gio: C-Lo Delivers In A Big SpotWith Jerry sitting in for Boomer, Chris Lopresti once again rejoined the morning show staff and provided all the sound one would need on a Friday.
Boomer & Gio: NARP And NBA Trade Deadline Talk On A FridayAhh Friday, we meet again. Boomer was out, so Jerry stepped in alongside Gio and they had plenty in their arsenal following a wild NBA trade deadline on Thursday.
Boomer & Gio Podcast & MOTD: Feb. 6, 2018During Tuesday highly anticipated "Moment of the Day," Gio and Al Dukes shared their fascination with murder documentaries, which made Boomer a little uncomfortable.
Boomer & Gio: Jerry Puts On His Update FaceJerry Recco was stern-faced and focused while preparing and delivering Tuesday morning's update. He takes this stuff very seriously.
Boomer & Gio: Todd Frazier Is A Met, A Rangers Rebuild, And MoreBoomer and Gregg had a busy opening to Tuesday's show.
Boomer & Gio Podcast & MOTD: Feb. 5, 2018During Monday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" we heard about the unruly behavior of some Eagles fans, following the franchise capturing its first Super Bowl title.
Boomer & Gio: Jerry Recco Provides A Super UpdateJerry Recco's update on Monday morning was one that fans of the Philadelphia Eagles were sure to enjoy.
Boomer & Gio: The 'Unstoppable' Eagles Are Super Bowl ChampionsBoomer and Gregg started Monday's program by talking about Super Bowl LII, which featured Nick Foles and the Eagles shocking Tom Brady, the Patriots and the world.

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