Bridgeport Connecticut

A case containing medical marijuana (Photo: CBS 2)

Patients Literally Risk Their Safety To Buy Medical Marijuana In Connecticut

It’s the ultimate catch-22: the sale of medical marijuana has been legal in Connecticut for two years. There’s just no place to buy it, except from illegal drug dealers.


About 5,000 Head Start preschool students have been affected by the government shutdown. (credit: CBS 2)

Malloy Finds State Money To Reopen Connecticut Head Start Program During Shutdown

Malloy, a proponent of early education, has found $800,000 in state taxpayer money to keep the program open at least through mid-November.


Police lights (credit:

45 Illegal Weapons Seized, 3 Arrested In Bridgeport Sting

An assault-style rifle and military-grade ammunition capable of piercing body armor were among 45 illegal weapons seized, authorities said.


Firefighter hat

Pregnant Conn. Firefighter Forced To Take Unpaid Leave

The woman’s lawyer says the fire department is violating federal and state anti-discrimination laws.



Bridgeport Grandma Says Mystery $74,000 Was God-Sent; Police Disagree

A Bridgeport woman charged with theft told police she believed the $74,000 that mysteriously appeared in her bank account was “God-sent” after she prayed for relief from her financial problems.