Cancer-Related Deaths In The U.S. Dropping, Report SaysA new medial report out this week revealed that the country's overall cancer death rate has fallen.
Mother's Dying Wish To See Son Graduate High School FulfilledA mother's dying wish was fulfilled when she got to see her son graduate high school from her hospital bed.
Screening For Lynch Syndrome Can Help Prevent Colon CancerIf lynch syndrome is detected early, a patient can begin more frequent cancer screenings and colon cancer can actually be prevented if pre-cancerous polyps are found and removed.
Doctors Using Glowing Dyes To Help Detect Cancers During SurgeryDoctors are testing dyes that make cancerous cells glow, helping surgeons decipher what to remove and what to leave.
E-Cigarettes Exposing Teens To Cancer-Causing Toxins, Report SaysAccording to scientists in California, vaping is exposing teens to "potentially cancer-causing chemicals also found in tobacco cigarettes."
New Drug Could Help Combat Brain CancerThere is some encouraging news in the battle against the deadliest form of brain cancer. It’s an experimental new drug that gets right to a tumor.
Cycle For Survival Event Raises Money For Cancer ResearchMany of the cyclists were affected by cancer, in some way, and shared their stories of loss, survival and perseverance.
Teenage Cancer Survivor's Dance Moves Uplift Other Young PatientsStriking a pose, 13-year-old Stephanie Consiglio took part in a dance photo challenge in the hospital where she was treated in order to recreate it as a memory of health, instead of illness.
Study Finds Some Healthy Foods Could Help Cancer SpreadFish, whole grains, asparagus -- all are touted as healthy foods. But new research finds a specific amino acid found in each of the nutrient-rich noshes, called asparagine, could help spread breast cancer.
Scientists Say Certain Foods Linked To Spread Of CancerA recent study, published in the journal Nature, says reducing the levels of asparagine consumed could dramatically reduce cancer's ability to spread throughout the body.
After 127 Studies, Experts Say Coffee Is Healthy For Everyone Except Pregnant WomenA recent review of 127 separate studies, published in Annual Reviews, found that coffee was not only good for the body but also had a small chance to reduce the development of certain cancers.
Cancer 'Vaccine' Wiped Out Tumors In Mice, Scientists SayThe new treatment, which was directly injected into the tumor sites of 90 mice, cured 87 mice of the disease.

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