Seen at 11: New Research Shows Eating Certain Kind Of Carb Can Slim You DownIt's called "resistant starch" or the "skinny carb" -- and it's being hailed as a fat-burning breakthrough.
Study: Too Much Pasta Can Lead To DepressionPasta already has been maligned as a carb-heavy, fattening foodstuff in recent years, and now, a new study suggests that it might be linked to depression.
Some Swear By It: The Carbo-Load DietLow-carb diets are so popular they can seem like the only way to go to drop the pounds. But now a high-carb alternative is gaining popularity for boosting your mood while slimming your waistline.
Thousands Pack The Carbs In Marathon's Pasta-Fest
Seen At 11: Calming And Energizing FoodsWhether it’s a restful night’s sleep or being on top of your game during the day, what you eat can affect how well you feel – and perform.

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