Caylee’s Law

Casey Anthony (credit: AP Photo/Joe Burbank, Pool)

Casey Anthony, Acquitted Of Murder, Freed From Jail

Anthony, wearing a pink T-shirt with blue jeans, left the jail at 12:14 a.m. with her attorney, Jose Baez. She was given $537.68 in cash from her jail account and escorted outside. She said nothing to reporters and others gathered outside.


Caylee Anthony (credit: AP)

Ralph Caputo Latest NJ Lawmaker To Introduce A Version Of ‘Caylee’s Law’

Assemblyman Caputo’s bill requires parents to report missing children within 12 hours.


Caylee Anthony (credit: AP)

New Jersey Lawmakers Push For ‘Caylee’s Law’ For Missing Children

New Jersey lawmakers are proposing a law that would require parents to report a missing child within 24 hours.