CBS 2 Investigation

The NYC Health Department reiterated that hosting dinner parties that are intended to turn a profit is illegal. (Photo: CBS 2)

CBS 2 Investigation: Underground — And Illegal — NYC Dinner Parties

As you sit down to dinner, this story illustrates eating out like you have never experienced before. We are talking about super-secret, illegal dining experiences hosted in homes.


Many cars with Iowa license plates are taking up valuable parking spots in one Brooklyn neighborhood, and the locals are none too pleased. (Photo: CBS 2)

CBS 2 Investigation: Brooklyn Neighborhood Overrun By Iowa License Plates, But Why?

Residents in one Brooklyn neighborhood were upset they could not find street parking, so they complained — and that triggered a multi-state investigation.


Residents claim smoke relentlessly pours into their building from a chimney atop the Astor On The Park hotel. (Photo: CBS 2)

CBS 2 Investigation: Central Park West Residents Sick Over Hotel Health Hazard

Residents of a Central Park West building say the air in their apartments is making them sick and that the city has ignored their pleas for help.


Sophia Belle, a 6-month-old bulldog, died during a training session at a Long Island Petco. (Photo: Handout)

CBS 2 Investigation: Did Heavy Handed Trainer Cost L.I. Couple Their Dog?

Her owners called her spunky, funny, and tough. A Long Island couple is mourning their 6-month-old dog, Sophia Belle, a pet that the couple treated like a child.


Train yards and rail in New Jersey have been repeatedly targeted by thieves in search of high-end goods. (Photo: CBS 2)

CBS 2 Investigation: Train Robberies Hardly A Thing Of The Past

Stashed inside many battered, nondescript cargo cars are hundreds of thousands of dollars in high-end electronics, appliances, pharmaceuticals, and even designer clothes. And thieves know it.


Free gas for NYC employees

CBS 2 Investigation: NYC Employees Hoarding Free Gas For First Responders

As millions of drivers alternate days and run on fumes, CBS 2 has uncovered a disturbing loophole for a privileged few. An exclusive investigation discovered city employees getting free gas — originally meant for first responders.


US Airways Flight 1549

CBS 2 Investigation: Taking Flight Without Life Rafts

It’s a policy that goes back decades. Most people don’t know about it. But now a local hero familiar to everyone in New York is pushing for Congress to require life rafts on all flights.