CBS Poll: Clinton Holds Narrow Lead In Florida, Trump Ahead In TexasAccording to a new CBS poll, Clinton holds a three-point lead over Trump in Florida, with 46 percent of the vote, as compared to Trump's 43 percent. Trump is currently polling ahead in Texas, with a three percent lead over Clinton.
CBS Poll: Race Remains Tight Between Trump, ClintonIt's a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, with both candidates fighting to win the confidence of voters as the first presidential debate looms only two weeks away.
Poll: Most Americans View Orlando Shooting As Act Of Terror, Hate CrimeThe majority of Americans view the recent mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando as both a hate crime and an act of terrorism, according to a new CBS Poll.
CBS Poll: Americans Divided Over Transgender Bathroom LawsAmericans remain divided over the issue of whether transgender people should use the restroom of their birth gender, or of the gender they identify with.
CBS Poll: National Support For Marijuana Legalization Reaches All-Time HighAccording to a new CBS News poll, 56 percent of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, up three points from 53 percent.

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