Manhattanhenge, seen in Midtown on Friday, May 29, 2015. (Credit: @knarch81)

Clouds Get In Way Of Manhattanhenge, But Light Show Is Still Spectacular

Crowds gathered Friday evening to look at the setting sun, for what has become known as Manhattanhenge.


(Credit: CBS2)

4/9 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

Hope you’re having a good start amongst this misery. It is a chilly one today with temps starting of in the 30s for a lot of communities.


12/17 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Mild temps ruled the day, but clouds have been filling in since noon. Temps peaked in the mid 50s — actually it’s the normal for March 29! So we’re a little ahead of schedule.


(Credit: CBS2)

12/16 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Not as chilly to start today. Clouds are closing in on both sides of Tri-State. I’d say today is a “hiccup” in our weather pattern.


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12/15 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather Headlines

We topped out near 50 degrees and had sunshine all day. I think I literally saw just a few clouds. There are some clouds trying to make their way in now, but we are just too dry.


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12/4 CBS2 Thursday Evening Weather Headlines

Man, it felt great to see the sun today! Although were still not above the norm, I’d still call today pleasant.


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12/4 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

Chilly air grips the region again this morning. So much for mild starts in the 40s like yesterday.


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12/3 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’ll be waking up in the 20s and 30s again tomorrow. Not our coldest… but still coat-worthy.


A funnel cloud. (file -

Connecticut Middle School Students Provide NASA With Valuable Data

Turn of River Middle School sixth-graders have been keeping their heads in the clouds this school year _ and doing a really good job at it.