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Parents Scrambling To Keep Kids Busy During Chilly Spring BreakFor most of the winter, people anxiously counted down to spring. But so far, it's been a cold, snowy let down.
Experts: It Pays To Find Out If Your Homeowners Insurance Covers Extreme Cold DamageThe bitter cold weather that has hammered the Tri-State Area for weeks has been keeping some people very busy, especially in the insurance and home repair field.
Police: Single Digit Temps Most Likely To Blame In Death Of Man On LISouthold Town police said the 44-year-old had been living in the detached garage of a seasonal property in Greenport.
Brutal Cold Doing A Number On Car Batteries: Make Sure To Warm Up Your Ride!This is the kind of cold that routinely sucks half the power from a car battery. If yours is already less than top notch that could be a problem.
Tips On Saving Your Pipes, Boilers From Freezing Cold TemperaturesPlumber Frank Belizario said homeowners are pushing their older boilers to the limits when they really should be replacing them.
New Yorkers Brave Freezing Temperatures To Work OutsideMost New Yorkers stuck working outside seemed to be making the best of the cold weather, keeping a generally frozen stiff upper lip.
Experts Weigh In With Techniques To Heat Your Home And Reduce Energy BillsThe frigid temperatures are sticking around for a while, but there are Still things you can do to make your house warmer and lower your energy bills.
NYC Cold Weather Safety Tips & Warming Center GuideA bitter blast can be deadly if you're not careful. Stay inside if you can.
Suffolk Executive Warns Of Space Heater Dangers As Temps Remain FrigidSpace heaters cause 25,000 house fires every year and 6,000 emergency room visits.
Experts Warn Of Frozen Pipe Dangers As Temps Plummet Across Tri-StateUtilities are making house calls across Long Island as temperatures plunge and homeowners worry.
Study: Cold Weather May Be Linked To Common Cold After AllA new study from Yale University found that cold temperatures really can lead to colds, but not for the reason you might think.
11/10 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesTomorrow is even warmer... then things begin to change. The big snow in the Midwest, as well as the cold air in Canada, migrate south and east toward us.
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