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12/20 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

We have a pretty good looking weekend ahead – it’ll just be cold! Expect a sunny start to the day with temps below freezing for everyone, warmin’ up to a high in the mid and upper 30s for most.


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12/18 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather Headlines

A chilly start today for most of us. Widespread 30s are being felt. The partial clearing this morning should give way to some more substantial clearing later on.


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12/12 CBS2 Friday Evening Weather Headlines

Tonight, we bottom in the upper 20s rebounding nicely tomorrow, with highs in the 40s.


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12/12 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

It’s cold out there. Hats and gloves should be our friends this time of year — don’t leave ‘em home today!


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12/3 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

We’ll be waking up in the 20s and 30s again tomorrow. Not our coldest… but still coat-worthy.


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12/2 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather Headlines

Another cold start today after such a nice, mild one yesterday. Grab the coats as you head out; you’ll need them later on too.


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11/28: CBS2 Afternoon Weather Headlines

The sun will continue to shine through this afternoon. Temperatures will warm into the upper 30s, but with a persistent wind out of the northwest, it will feel more like 25-30°.


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11/28 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather Headlines

If you’re heading out for holiday deals this morning, bundle up! Temps start off in the mid/upper 20s near NYC, even in upper teens far north/west in spots that got pasted by snow.


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11/27 CBS2 Thanksgiving Evening Weather Headlines

There were a few flurries/sprinkles around earlier today and that will remain the case this evening… but nothing will stick with temps above freezing. Good news there!


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11/19 CBS2 Wednesday Evening Weather Headlines

Tonight, it’s not as harsh as it has been over the past few nights. Well drop into the low 30s, but that’s 10 or so better than this morning.


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11/15 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather Headlines

By Giorgio Panetta, CBS 2 Chief Meteorologist/Weather Producer Hello! The coldest air of the season is upon us. If you are headed out early this morning, expect to dress for deep winter. With the wind, […]


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11/12 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather Headlines

Today might be the last 60-plus degree day for a while. The dense morning fog burned off early this afternoon and temps spiked.


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11/7 CBS2 Saturday Morning & Weekend Weather Headlines

I know you must be feeling the chill as you wake up. Across the board, temps are the coldest since those dreary days of last winter/spring.


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11/7 CBS2 Friday Evening & Weekend Weather Headlines

Today was a bona fide chilly one. Winds picked up as the day went on and kept our real feel temps in the 40s. A few towns in our northern most fringes did not escape the 30s!


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11/1 CBS2 Morning Weather Update

November really starts off on a less-than-ideal fall day — it’s going to a damp and chilly. On-and-off showers will plague us today, and a still easterly wind off the ocean will make it a day for a sweatshirt AND a waterproof jacket.