4/8 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesWe are on the backside of this cold front and are catching the cold northeast wind of the water. Today's high: 47-52 degrees.
3/30 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe were in the mid-50s today, and this week will be generally milder. Thursday and Friday are both pushing 60, if not breaking the 60-degree mark.
3/28 CBS2 Saturday Afternoon Weather HeadlinesI know what you're thinking... where's spring?! It's definitely not around today, as we're once again dealing with a winter chill this afternoon around the Tri-State complete with cold and snow.
3/23 CBS2 Monday Evening Weather HeadlinesWe are stuck in the upper 30s again today. Temps should be in the low 50s this time of year. The late afternoons do feel nice when the wind calms.
3/18 CBS2 Wednesday Morning Weather HeadlinesA return to winter is set for this morning. Expect temps to start off in the 20s for most. A few teens north and west of NYC will be felt as well.
3/17 CBS2 Tuesday Morning Weather HeadlinesExpect some showers to plague the start of your day if you live north of NYC -- nothing much beyond some wet roads and a little ponding.
3/13 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesYet again, radiation cooling has allowed for temps to peel off the thermometer especially outside of NYC. Some teens are forecasted in the Hudson Valley. Grab the coat for those temps!
3/12 CBS2 Thursday Morning Weather HeadlinesHope you're having a good start. Some chilly temps have gripped the Tri-State yet again. The lack of cloud cover has allowed for plenty of radiational cooling.
2/28 CBS2 Saturday Morning Weather HeadlinesYou'll certainly want to bundle up if you're headed out early this morning! Temps across the region are in the teens and single digits, with even some subzero readings far north and west.
2/27 CBS2 Friday Morning Weather HeadlinesExpect the day to start off well below normal for the 30th of the last 32 days. Expect temps to start off ranging from single digits up north, to the mid 20s on the Jersey Shore.
Another Day Of Bitter Cold Brings Record Low Temperatures To Tri-State AreaForecasters are calling for high temperatures in the low to mid 20s Tuesday with the wind chill making it feel more like 10 to 15 degrees.
Police: Mom Locked Teen Outside In Underwear After Running AwayPolice said Maldonado reported Friday evening her daughter had run away wearing only underwear.
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