Comfort Food

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NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits

When you’re craving something on the sweet side, but don’t want to give into the donuts at your office meeting, a yogurt parfait is the perfect choice.


Man Eats Pizza

Experts: Comfort Food Won’t Help Your Mood

If you love comfort food and you think it makes you feel better when you’re stressed, think again.


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New York City’s 5 Best Hot Dogs

Just days ahead of Memorial Day, we’re honoring this classic summer food. These days we’ve entered into a golden age of putting tubular meat in buns, and the restaurants below serve some of the city’s best, most creative versions.


A square wheel of cheese from Stinky Brooklyn. (credit TV 10/55)

Toni On! New York: The Ultimate Food Crawl

This week WLNY’s Toni Senecal went on a food crawl down Smith Street where she dabbled in ramen, southern comfort food, and more.


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NYC’s 5 Best Plates Of Meatloaf

Whether you despised or adored your mother’s version of this hearty meat-centric dish as a kid, meatloaf is an American tradition that will keep you warm and toasty when dining out this winter.


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Tony’s Table: Italian Style Comfort Food

A pasta dish is never a bad thing, especially when CBS2’s Tony Tantillo is involved. This specialty pasta is unique because it has small holes

CBS 2–09/16/2012

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NYC’s 6 Best Fried Chicken Meals

New Yorkers not only have access to classic Southern fried chicken, but we’ve got fried chicken New York City style — infused with some of the international flavors that make our city so vibrant.

CBS New York–01/25/2012