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Fears Over Future Terror Attacks Prompt Some To Cancel Plans In The CityMultiple school districts in the Tri-State Area have called off school field trips in the interest of safety following the Paris terror attacks.
Hell's Kitchen Diners, Friday Evening Revelers Undeterred By Terror AttacksOne week after the Paris terror attacks Friday, New Yorkers said they were not about to be intimidated by the threat of terrorism.
Bratton: NYPD Muslim Monitoring Program Never Accomplished AnythingConcerns and security questions persisted in New York City Thursday, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.
Bratton Says ISIS Video Showing NYC It's 'Nothing New,' Mayor Says City 'Will Not Submit'Mayor Bill de Blasio and police Commissioner Bill Bratton said Wednesday night that New Yorkers will not be intimidated by a newly-released ISIS video that shows scenes of the city.
Experts: Bratton's Suggestion To Avoid Giving To Homeless May BackfireA lively debate has erupted among New Yorkers – and the homeless themselves – about police Commissioner Bill Bratton’s advice to just say no to those begging on the street.
Photos Show More Homeless People On Sidewalks; Bratton Says 'Don't Give'Signs have appeared yet again documenting homelessness plaguing New York City, and police Commissioner Bill Bratton said part of the problem was that people were too eager to help.
CBS2 Demanding Answers: Commuters Say Homeless Out Of Control In Penn StationCommuters say the homeless situation underground at Penn Station has grown out of control, and with cooler temperatures on their way, they expect to see even more move in.
Critics Wonder Whether NYPD Might Be Cooking Books To Lower Crime StatsCritics have begun questioning whether the NYPD has been cooking the books to conceal how severe crime is in New York City.
Civil Libertarians Sound Off Over NYPD X-Ray Van ProgramX-ray vans can see into vehicles and even some buildings, and while they were developed for the military, they are now being used by the NYPD.
Police To Focus On 125th Street In Harlem In Effort To Deal With HomelessnessIn an effort to tackle homelessness one street at a time, police Commissioner Bill Bratton announced Tuesday that the problem is most amplified in Harlem on 125th Street, and the NYPD will focus resources there.
New Yorkers Prepare For Congestion During Pope Francis' VisitTens of thousands of people are expected to see Pope Francis during his visit to New York City next week, and with that comes traffic congestion.
Bratton: Police Have Less Power Dealing With Homeless Than They Did Under GiulianiIn what some saw as a stunning admission Wednesday, police Commissioner Bill Bratton said getting the homeless off the streets is more difficult now than when Rudolph Giuliani was mayor.
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