Computer Glitch Gives Some Lucky Fliers Cheap Airfare On Delta Air LinesFrom about 10 a.m. to noon ET, certain Delta fares on the airline's own website and other airfare booking sites were showing up incorrectly, offering some savvy bargain hunters incredible deals.
Computer Glitch Delays JetBlue FlightsAt John F. Kennedy International Airport -- JetBlue's largest base of operations -- about a third of all the airline's flights were listed as "delayed'' on the flight monitors. The typical delay was about 90 minutes.
Computer Glitch Snags Southwest Airlines FlightsSouthwest Airlines canceled several flights Saturday morning, after a computer glitch grounded the entire fleet overnight.
Thousands Of United Airlines Passengers Stranded At NY-Area Airports, Nationwide Due To Computer GlitchThis is at least the third major computer outage for the Chicago-based airline since June.

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