7.1 Lindsay Sakraida

What To Buy In July

We all love a good deal — but the key is knowing when to buy certain items — and it depends on the time of the year.


1.3.13 Negotiate It

New Money-Saving App Coaches Users To Negotiate, Lower Monthly Bills

The app, called ‘Negotiate It,’ provides scripts for users to read as they call up their bank, credit card company, phone service provider or gym. The step by step process guides consumers as they negotiate late fees – or even have them waived.


Storm Scams

Experts Warn Of Scams Popping Up In The Wake Of Superstorm Sandy

Natural disasters always attract people who want to help, but they also attract criminals who seek to profit from people’s pain.


A child in a car seat - File / Photo: Bruno Vincent/Getty Images

Ask Asa: Child Car Seat

Child car seat technology has made major advances in recent years, but a study indicates some car seats need to get back to basics to be effective.


Subway passengers use their mobile devices underground - New York, NY - Sep 27, 2011 (credit: Marla Diamond / WCBS 880)

Ask Asa: Cell Phone Theft

How safe is your cell phone? Some surprising figures released by the NYPD indicate 42 percent of recent theft reports involve a missing cell phone.


Phone (credit: CBS 2)

Ask Asa: Dial Up Savings

You’ve heard time is money. Find out just how true that is by taking the time to place some phone calls and make some money.


Computer Keyboard (file / credit:

Ask Asa: Child Identity Theft

CBS 2’s Asa Aaron takes a look at how kids’ identities have become the new target of scam artists.


A man tries to cool himself with a bottle of water. (credit: Spencer Platt/Getty Images, FILE)

Ask Asa: BPA

After years of debate, the Food and Drug Administration rejects a call to ban the chemical BPA in food packaging.


Credit card (credit: Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Ask Asa: Charge It

As CBS 2 consumer reporter Asa Aarons explains, there are 10 things you should always charge.


A man reads a text message on his cell phone. (file/credit: Franko Lee/AFP/Getty Images)

Ask Asa: Letters

From employment laws to flood insurance and cell phone issues, CBS 2’s consumer reporter Asa Aarons is here with some advice.


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Holiday Deal-Seekers Gearing Up For Cyber Monday Sales

Now that Black Friday is a distant memory, holiday bargain hunters are gearing up for Cyber Monday.


Shoppers Leave Retail Stores (Credit: David Goldman/Getty Images)

Eye On New York: On Holiday Shopping

In this Eye on New York segment, CBS 2’s Dana Tyler discusses what’s hot, what’s not, how to find a deal and more in this holiday shopping guide.



How To Rapidly Rescore Your Credit

When Deborah Davenport found the home of her dreams, she ran into a problem that many Americans face everyday: a low credit rating


Online shopping

Comparison Shopping: Use Web To Find Best Deals

When you’re shopping online, do you ever really know what you’re getting until it arrives in the mail? Now, some Web sites hope to help consumers answer that question.


Thermostat on Money - Graphic: AP

Good News For Heating Bills – Warmer Winter Ahead

Most U.S. homeowners should get some relief on their heating bills this winter.