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Counterfeit money

(credit: Clip Art)

Counterfeit Bills Found In ATMs At Two Chase Banks In Manhattan

Authorities believe the bogus bucks were meant to trick the ATM into believing it was carrying a full complement of cash but a bank official said that the machines were able to distinguish most of the fake bills from real ones.


Police say the counterfeit $100s were found in the false lining of this suitcase. (credit: Customs and Border Protection)

Customs Agents Seize More Than $200,000 In Counterfeit Money At JFK

It’s the wrong kind of play dough. The bogus bucks were rounded up in two separate incidents.


(credit: Department of Homeland Security)

Feds Recover Nearly $300,000 In Bogus $100 Bills At JFK

The play dough was found in the bottom of the suitcases of woman arriving from Medellin, Colombia.


Counterfeit cash

NYC Seeing Its Fair Share Of Counterfeit Cash

New Yorkers are being warned of a new kind of counterfeit cash. It’s harder to spot, because the criminals start with the real thing before changing the bills’ value.