Boomer & Carton Podcast & MOTD: December 1, 2015Tuesday's highly anticipated "Moment of the Day" featured Craig's brutally honest assessment of Cris Collinsworth's work in the broadcast booth.
Does Pat Tillman Belong In The Pro Football Hall Of Fame?It's not a new debate. But high-profile voices are again taking sides with Tuesday marking the 10th anniversary of Tillman's death in Afghanistan.
Giants Rookie Rueben Randle Perplexed Following Cris Collinsworth's CriticismNew York Giants rookie receiver Rueben Randle was on the receiving end of nationally-televised criticism by NBC football analyst Cris Collinsworth on Sunday, and it has left him a little confused.
Keefe To The City: Super Bowl XLVI ThoughtsSunday night was epic for Neil Keefe as his Giants won Super Bowl XLVI, and he shares his thoughts from the 21-17 win over the Patriots.
Giants Great Lawrence Taylor: 'I Had No Discipline'Taylor says football always came easy for him. But life? That's been difficult for the Hall of Famer to manage.
B&C Morning Show: Boomer's Old Pal Cris Collinsworth Pays A Visit After countless encounters on the phone through the years, Al Dukes arranged to have Boomer's old pass-catching mate Cris Collinsworth in the Allstate Studio for a little face-to-face sit-down with Boomer & Craig.
Keidel: Jets Stuck On The RunwayWith everything to gain or lose, the Jets chose the latter. Last night wasn’t about tactics; it was about temerity. The Patriots wanted it more. Much more. There’s no other way to explain the score despite the disparity in talent.
B&C Morning Show: Tuesday's Podcast & Moment Of The DayWith a visit from Dhani Jones and a call from Cris Collinsworth, today's 9 a.m. hour was a little crazy. With that said, an executive decision was made to make Jerry Recco's highly anticipated 'Moment of the Day' a 'web-exclusive'.
B&C Morning Show: Cris Collinsworth Gets A Unique IntroductionAs luck would have it, just before Cris Collinsworth joined the Program, Craig had morphed into his 'alter-Tom Coughlin-ego'. The transformation turned into what could only be described as a rather unique introduction.
B&C Morning Show: Cris Collinsworth Makes Some Time For Boomer & CartonBoomer's old pass-catching mate Cris Collinsworth found time in his very busy schedule to join Boomer & Craig for a few minutes on Thursday.
Keidel: Lawrence Taylor Or Michael Vick - Who's Your Favorite Bad Guy?Some of you are appalled by the applause Lawrence Taylor recently received at the Meadowlands. I respect your opinion – as long as you’re not wearing a Michael Vick jersey when you express it.
B&C Show Blog & Audio: Rex At Top Of The HeapAfter their second straight loss at home, Boomer warns the Knicks that they’d better ‘shape-up’ otherwise a ‘shake-up’ could be coming in the form of Carmelo Anthony. With that out of the way, Craig was then free to talk about Rex Ryan's Jets.

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