Dark Guardian

Chris Pollak, aka "Dark Guardian" (via Facebook)

NYC’s ‘Dark Guardian’ Wants To Open School For Superheroes

Chris Pollak, 29, also known as the Dark Guardian, is trying to raise money to open a school where he would train aspiring superheroes in mixed martial arts and wall-climbing.


Chris Pollak, aka "Dark Guardian" (via Facebook)

Superheroes Suit Up To Combat Anti-Gay Attacks In NYC

With a string of attacks against gay men in the city recently, a group of real-life superheroes is suiting up and swooping in to help stop the violence.


(credit: Facebook/Phoenix Jones)

New York City ‘Superheroes’ React To Arrest Of Crime Fighter ‘Phoenix Jones’

New York’s burgeoning amateur “superhero” community take notice: Don’t try breaking up a fight in Seattle.