David James

Fake $100 Bill

Consumers Warn Of Flood Of Counterfeit Money During Super Bowl Weekend

A consumer alert has been issued for business owners and shoppers, because it could be prime time for criminals passing counterfeit money around with the Super Bowl in the area this weekend.


Ground zero mosque site (file)

Campaign Cash Follows Lazio’s Fight Over Mosque

Republican Rick Lazio’s underfunded campaign for governor of New York attracted big donors dedicated to anti-terror efforts after he called for a probe of funding for the proposed Ground Zero mosque.


Carl Paladino (L), Rick Lazio (R) (credit: AP)

Lazio, Paladino Spending Big In New York Governor’s Race

Republican Rick Lazio has even less campaign cash on hand now than in August. State records also show millionaire Republican Carl Paladino $567 in debt after outspending Lazio in recent weeks.