Suffolk County Village Considers Bow Hunt To Reduce Deer PopulationSome say a bow-and-arrow deer hunt would be the best way to manage the growing deer population in Head of the Harbor. Others in the Suffolk County village, however, are not so sure.
Staten Island Borough President: City Needs Plan For Dealing With Surge In Deer PopulationThe borough president said capturing or moving the deer is not a realistic option and that experts say birth control is not a plausible course of action, either.
NJ Officials Successfully Remove Arrow From Deer's MuzzleA deer that had been walking around New Jersey for months with an arrow lodged in its muzzle can go back to leading a normal life.
Saddle River Considers Turning To Bow Hunters To Cut Deer PopulationBecause of accidents on the roads and concern about tick-borne illnesses, Saddle River is carefully studying the option of bringing in bow hunters to thin the deer population.
Saddle River Considers Allowing Bow Hunting To Thin Deer HerdA Bergen County suburb is considering bringing in bow hunters to deal with an overpopulation of deer.
Deer Sterilization Program Blamed For DeathsA non-profit called White Buffalo tranquilized 114 deer with dart guns and transported them to veterinarians to be sterilized.
Police Probe If Ramapo College Baseball Players Injured Deer On CampusThe school posted on its Facebook page its investigation found deer were not touched. However, the school says the allegations are distressing if deer were disturbed and chased.
Rye, Mamaroneck Seek Answers For Deer OverpopulationOfficials in Rye and Mamaroneck are trying to come up with a solution for the growing number of deer in residential areas.
Southampton Officials Develop New Plan For Addressing Deer ProblemThe plan would open more land for hunting, but also use deer contraceptives -- shot by dart guns or ingested -- to prevent pregnancy.
Deer Baby Boom Has Garden State Drivers On High AlertA bumper crop of Bambis has drivers on alert this deer mating season, and many people have said that they are seeing more than in years past.
CBS 2 Exclusive: Neighbors Furious After Kings Park Allows Bow-Hunting Near HomesResidents are upset that bow-hunting is being allowed closer to homes inside a recently-renovated nature trail in Kings Park, Long Island.
Group Collects Over $110,000 To Sterilize Deer In East HamptonDonations have exceeded expectations in an unusual fundraiser on Long Island, in which a group is raising money to capture and sterilize deer and then set them free.