Defend Your Ride – New York

“I’m here with my wife and two children, ages five and two.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Mim In Morningside Heights

“My friends say it’s a little glamorous. I think it’s awesome.” – Mim and his Mercedes


“I’m in a different location every day, so my car serves as a mobile office.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Todd At Corona Park

“My car is actually a mobile office. It travels with me wherever I need to be.” – Todd and his Subaru Forester


“This car has a lot of personality. It’s very lively, full of pep!”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cathy At Radio City

“This car has a lot of personality. It’s very lively, full of pep!” – Cathy and her Mini Cooper


“This is a crazy place.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Cosmo At The Apollo

“Come and visit. You can’t miss me. Right by the Apollo Theater. Look for the white van.” – Cosmo and his Econoline Van


“You ain’t got this car, you ain’t got nothing right.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Zenel In Manhattan

“Your car is your clothes. If you ain’t got a nice car, you ain’t got nice clothes.” – Zenel and his Chevy Denali


"I’m here doing my graffiti hats."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Pete On 42nd Street

“This is my Dodge Caravan. The Queen Bee. The best car on the road!” – Pete and his 2002 Dodge Grand Caravan


"They couldn't use it because it looked a little too much like the hero car."


“They told me that they couldn’t use it in one of the main shots of the movie because it looks a little too much like the hero car.” – Glen and his Ford Mustang Convertible


"No eating in the front seat. Kids to the rear."

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Terrance Near The Empire State Building

“Lots of music, all the time. Reggae, Calypso, Soca, mostly West Indian music.” – Terrance and his Nissan Quantum


“I have news for you guys, it’s changing. We’re coming in and we’re taking over, but we’re friends.”

DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Nick At Tom’s Restaurant

“You can literally take the battery out and charge it in a café, while you eat your eggs.” – Nick and his electric bicycle