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The 8 Best Pumpkin Treats & Desserts In NYC

October is here and the fall season is in full swing, bringing it with it some things we love about fall: Chilly weather, warm drinks and pumpkin treats.


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NYC’s 10 Best Mini Desserts

Bite-sized desserts are popping up all over the city. These small sweets are addictive – and the best part? No mess and no utensils. If you’re looking to get your sugar fix, here are our favorite places to get these tiny confections.


Eleni's Cookies On The Couch

From Cookies To Conversation: Creative Confections By Eleni’s Cookies

Here at, we’re big fans of Eleni’s Cookies -the confections consistently make their way to the top of our city cooking rankings. So how does owner Eleni Gianopulos turn cookies into conversation starters?


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NY Food Truck Dessert: Taiwanese Shaved Ice From Wooly’s Ice

After the ice is shaved into a cup, they put on fruit or other toppings, then a sauce. My fruit choices were blueberries, strawberries or frozen grapes. I went for strawberries and frozen grapes, which sounded intriguing.


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NY Food Truck Dessert: SnoBalls From An Icy Introduction

There are many ways to cool off during a hot city summer, and here’s another one: An Icy Introduction, a stand selling Caribbean-style SnoBalls, SnoCreams and Slushes.


Dessert For Breakfast

Cooking On The Couch: Dessert For Breakfast

What would you say to having dessert for breakfast? Chef John Deloach of Lavo Restaurant joined The Couch to show us how to transform a breakfast classic into a decadent dessert.


Cookies From Sweetery Food Truck

NY Food Truck Dessert: Cookies & Ice Cream Cupcakes From Sweetery NYC

We brought home an assortment of cookies to enjoy with our family – and enjoy them we did. Our goodie bag included a snickerdoodle ($2), flourless chocolate walnut ($2.25) and a macarella ($3).


(credit: VLAIC website)

NY Food Truck Dessert: Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream From Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream

They steep giant teabags filled with organic Earl Grey Tea leaves in a special custard. The result is a strong tea flavor in a sweet and creamy ice cream base. There was no tannin or bitterness, as you can sometimes get when drinking hot Earl Grey tea, if it sits around too long.


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NYC Food Truck Launches Slush Stand To Battle Summer Heat

Kelvin Slush has unveiled their new “Ice Cube,” which will serve as a permanent location for the vendor in addition to their roaming food truck.


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NY Food Truck Dessert: Wasabi Ice Cream From The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

What initially got the attention of NYC foodies are the creative toppings they come up with, as well as the funny names given to the cones. The ice cream at BGICT is creamier than Mister Softee’s, and you can taste the difference.

CBS New York–06/08/2012

(credit: Siobhan Wallace)

New York City’s Best Market Food & Vendors

The warm weather means outdoor market season is in full swing, and full of delicious food options. But what’s really worth it and what can you skip? Here’s a list of the best food finds at local markets.

CBS New York–05/31/2012

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NY Food Truck Dessert: The Weekly Special From Wafels & Dinges

As Elvis knew, bananas and peanut butter is a great combination – and Belgian cocoa sauce takes it to another level.


Baking Cupcakes

Greenwich Village ‘Dessert Tour’ Offers History And Decadence

The ‘Greenwich Village History & Dessert Tour’ takes place this week (until April 12), and allows New Yorkers to explore the historical background of downtown New York City.


(credit: The Treats Truck)

NYC’s 5 Best Food Truck Desserts

New York’s booming food truck scene has plenty of cuisines to choose from, especially when it comes to dessert. From fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies to soft serve cones stuffed with dulce de leche and dipped in chocolate, these are our favorites.


(credit: Sweet Melissa Patisserie)

NYC’s 5 Best Apple Treats & Desserts

Maybe your New Year’s resolution to eat more fruit isn’t going as well as you planned. Squeeze in a serving of apples with some of these delicious treats.

CBS New York–01/20/2012