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(credit: Treat House)

5 Delicious Gingerbread Treats In NYC

After you’ve visited the world’s largest entirely edible gingerbread village, currently on view at New York Hall of Science, head to one of the bakeries or restaurants below for the city’s best gingerbread treats.


Cinnamon Roll

NYC’s 7 Best Cinnamon Rolls & Sticky Buns

In the cool weather, the temptation of a warm, gooey pastry for breakfast is tough to beat.


(credit: Garrett Ziegler)

The 5 Best S’mores in NYC

The official National S’mores Day was Saturday, but the s’mores on offer at these five restaurants might make you lobby your congressperson for a s’mores week. The varied versions are so much more than the sum of their very delicious parts.


Sunrise Day Camp (Credit: Christian Conte)

Reporter Mona Rivera Spends Day At Sunrise Day Camp

By Mona Rivera, 1010 WINS “I like that they made a camp for children who have cancer!” That kind of enthusiasm from Madison Lewinger, age 7, is typical of the cancer patients at Sunrise Day […]

1010 WINS–08/08/2013

(credit: Treat House)

Latest Manhattan Pastry Shop Looks To Launch Newest Dessert Craze

The latest specialty dessert shop to hit the Big Apple is The Treat House, a so-called “crisped rice treat emporium,” devoted to selling creative versions of a childhood favorite, the Rice Krispy Treat.


West Village Restaurant Hepatatis Scare

West Village Restaurant Remains Open After Hepatitis Scare

The health scare persisted Saturday morning, after city officials announced that patrons at a West Village restaurant may have been exposed to hepatitis A.


(credit: Kyotofu)

NYC’s 5 Best Places To Get Dessert For Dinner

One of the great pleasures of adulthood has been discovering restaurants that serve dessert for dinner. The restaurants that follow don’t relegate confections to meal’s end—they give the sweet stuff center stage, letting it shine via unusual ingredients and combinations.


(credit: Clementine Bakery)

NYC’s 7 Best Bake Shops For Gluten-Free Desserts

The dietary restriction doesn’t mean you have to swear off baked goods – especially if you live in New York City. We hit the streets to find the city’s best gluten-free treats, sweets and desserts.

CBS New York–03/27/2013

(credit: Katie Wiggin/WLNY)

Happy Macaron Day!

While many New Yorkers are excited to welcome the first day of spring Wednesday, there’s something else to be celebrated: NYC Macaron Day.


Mobile Couch Sweet Treats

Mobile Couch: Sweet Treats From Scratch

It’s no secret that Mobile Couch loves sweet treats. TV 10-55′s Alex Denis visited the Buttercup Bake Shop on the East Side Tuesday morning.


Confections Cake Pops

New Jersey’s 6 Best Cupcake Shops

Specialty bakeries dedicated solely to cupcakes are springing up throughout New Jersey, all with their own gourmet twist and creative design for the delectable dessert. CBSNewYork takes a look at the highlights.

CBS New York–02/15/2013

(credit: Glaser's Bake Shop/Facebook)

NYC’s 5 Best Black & White Cookies

Few New York desserts are as iconic as black and white cookies. Almost every bakery, bagel store, and corner deli has them. Here are the five best — notable enough to cross the boroughs for.

CBS New York–01/30/2013


Gridiron Grub: A Sweet Victory

After indulging in the traditional hot and meaty offerings from a tailgate grill, there is little space left for a heavy dessert. Here’s a light option that hits the right spot.


Cooking On The Couch

Cooking On The Couch: Autumn Desserts

Chef Colleen Grapes joined The Couch to show us how to make some succulent fall desserts.


(credit: Joyride Truck)

NYC Food Truck’s 6 Best Frozen Desserts

Warm weather in New York always means fleets of ice cream trucks hitting the streets peddling soft ice cream to kids, but now they have serious competition. Here a few unique food trucks that will be roaming around offering much more than a frostbitten ice pop.

CBS New York–08/08/2012