diamondback terrapins

Diamondback turtle (credit: Mary Hollinge/NOAA/Wikimedia Commons)

Spike In Water Toxins Blamed For Hundreds Of Turtle Deaths On Long Island

The number of small turtles that have washed-up dead on Long Island in the last month has doubled, a die-off scientists blame on waterborne toxins that have reached unprecedented levels for reasons that aren’t entirely clear.


Turtle at Kennedy Airport (credit: CBS 2)

JFK Turtles Explain Runway Crawl On Twitter

Flight delays averaged 30-minutes as planes were diverted to other runways and ground crews removed the turtles for transportation to a beach in Jamaica Bay, which borders JFK.


Turtles Cause Flight Delays at JFK (Credit: Port Authority)

Flights Delayed After 150 Turtles Looking To Mate Crawl Onto JFK Airport Tarmac

Flights were delayed at JFK today after about 150 turtles crawled onto the tarmac in search of beaches to lay their eggs. Hear air traffic control audio inside.