Jessica Lee Anderson says she tried the "elimination diet" to help her feel less tired. (Credit: CBS 2)

Experts Urge Caution Before Trying ‘Elimination Diet’

The latest diet craze has people cutting entire food groups out of their diets in an effort to cure a variety of ailments, often without the guidance of a health professional.


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10 Simple Ways To Keep Your Diet On Track This Holiday Season

With all the temptations, the challenge to keep your diet on track can seem insurmountable, but with these ten tips, your skinny jeans will be thanking you come January 1st.



Some Swear By It: The Carbo-Load Diet

Low-carb diets are so popular they can seem like the only way to go to drop the pounds. But now a high-carb alternative is gaining popularity for boosting your mood while slimming your waistline.

CBS 2–11/22/2010